HIAC 8011+ Industrial Laboratory Liquid Particle Counter

The HIAC 8011+ is a liquid particle counting system designed for the real world. Easy to use with one-button sampling and results in under 60 seconds, the HIAC 8011+ system offers consistent, accurate fluid sampling from 1cST to 425 cSt without dilution. 

  • Intelligent on-screen prompts for common sampling activities
  • Fewer steps for higher throughput
  • Paperless option for application-specific reports
  • Online report review & approval

Documentation and Application Notes

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HIAC 8011+ Liquid Particle Counter Features

Intuitive Sampling

  • Advanced instrument diagnostics with recommended actions for users
  • User alerts for particle settling & run-to-run variances
  • HRLD Smart Sensor alerts for service & calibration

Data Management

  • Pressurized sample delivery minimizes impact of air bubbles
  • Integrated vacuum/de-gas function streamlines sample handling for increased accuracy
  • Automated sample flow ensures precision data


  • One-button sampling with results in < 60 seconds
  • Fast loading–up to 20 custom test recipes
  • Won sampling recipe setup in < 5 steps

Time Savings

  • No dilution required for high viscosity fluids (<425cSt)
  • Automated cleaning & flushing routines
  • Sensor contamination alarm when cleaning needed prior to sampling 

HIAC 8011+ Liquid Particle Counter Specifications

Performance ± 2.5% flow accuracy
Laser Classification Class I Laser Product
Industry Standards ASTM D7619-12, Counts / mL, DEFSTAN 91-91, GOST 17216-2001, ISO 4406, NAS 1638, NAVAIR 01-1A-17, Raw Counts, SAE AS 4059
Light Source Light obscuration
Particle Size Analysis Range 2 - 400 µm(c)
Coincidence Loss 10%
Sample Volume 5 - 100 mL
Fluid Compatibility Akso Fyrquel™, Alcohols, Aldehydes, Aromatics, Diesel fuel, Esters, Ethers, Fuels, Jet fuel (JP4, JP5, & others), Kerosene, Ketones, MIL-H-5606, MIL-H-83282, Marston Bentley HW 540, Mineral oil, Mobile Zerol™ 150, Monsanto Coolanol™, Monsanto Skydrol™, Shell Tellis™, Stoddard Solvent, Water
Concentration Range 0 to 10000 particles/mL
Operating Range to 90 psig maximum
Tare Volumes 0.1 to 100 mL
Temperature Range Operating temperature range: 5°C to 40°C, Storage temperature range: -35 to +65°C 
Item Specifications Referenced 8011+091

Running a Sample

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